AI Driven Affortable Healthcare Technology

Novel Healthcare Medical Technologies Utilizing Optics Signal Processing & Artificial Intelligence

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Highly Synchronized

A group of scientists, pathologists, engineers and designers met within the same network of friends and realized the need of a non-invasive diagnostic device for screening of diseases like cancer at early stage.

Impact On BOP

Our mission and vision is to develop AI based low cost healthcare technological solutions that can bring a positive impact on bottom of pyramid (BOP) structure. Twelit provides data driven intelligence platform for early stage healthcare diagnostic solutions.

Performance Wise Scalable

Twelit was created in order to generate AI based medical diagnosis platform which is simultaneously evolving and autonomous upgradation of platform to provide prediction report on visual medical data of infected lesions.

High Specificity & Sensitivity

Early detection can prevent these 'all-cause mortality' and to that we realized that there was a need for a tool that could be easily used by pathologists which would provide high specificity and sensitivity.


AI based medical healthcare scenario

AI is currently revolutionizing the affordable healthcare domain. The advent of deep learning is providing more power to AI to make it able to take cognitive decisions. Collection of medical data followed by storing and normalizing brings revolution in the existing healthcare databases.

Recently, the AI research team of Twelit, launched its oral cancer detection project ‘OralKit’ which is used to predict oral cancer in early stages with higher specificity and sensitivity.

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    “Detection of cancer in early stage is still a challenge for us. If this concept is substantiated, that would be regarded as a breakthrough and many patients will be undoubtedly benefitted.”
    ‐Dr. Subhadip Basak
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    “I want to appreciate your research project on malignancy detection through your device and deep learning system.i think this wil be a very cost effective, convenient, rapid test. as this is a non invasive procedure and you got high sensitivity in test sample then it can be used successfuly as a screening test for suspected malignant lesion in superficial body structure. this test can be implimented in day to day clinical practice.”
    ‐Dr. Priyajit Mandal
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    “Cancer is one of leading cause of mortality and morbidity. Oral cancer is very much treatable if detected in its early stages. It is an excellent endeavour by your team to innovate a device for detection of oral cancer in its early stage so that we can save any people. All the best.”
    ‐Dr. Tapas Mondal
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    “As far as I can understand this device is going to be a very important screening tool for detecting oral cancer in its early stage and can help many people from the sufferings of cancer.”
    ‐Dr. Mithun Roy